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The First Winter

This first winter was difficult in many ways. Pickups were largely not effected by the weather but both the cardboard processing and worm digestion/survival rate were. When starting this venture it was intended to be a two man operation and we would bootstrap it up from the ground. Very soon after pulling the trigger on this business my partner was called North to help his family and withdrew. Call it Murphy's Law or bad luck or any number of other things but when it pours. Shortly after getting a routine down for the business and finding a modicum of balance in upkeep I was put on night shift. The heaviest blow came a few months later when several things in my personal life crumbled to dust. As a result I was watching my cardboard and paper stack grow, worms going into hibernation or freezing, and backlogging the food into 55 gallon rubbermaid containers. The end result is this: Until I clear the backlog I am not taking any additional customers. The actual financial success of this business lies in the fertilizer. The curbside pickup is kept low intentionally and is there to offset basic costs such as fuel, etc. So I have all the pieces and am finally in a place where I can put them together alone. Thank you all for your patience and excitement about this process.

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